The Company

Micro Tek was founded in 1954, in the wake of the development of private televisions.

In 1990, the company began its collaboration with one of the worldwide leading cable manufacturers, with the clear intention of addressing the growing demand for high-tech products. The partnership between the two companies, together with the appointment of Micro Tek as the distributor for Italy of brand products such as CABEL CON and WISI, meant that within a few years the company became one of the most popular benchmarks for the supply of cables, connectors, accessories and components for their installation. In 2005 Micro Tek acquired the F.M.C. brand with the clear intention of repositioning it on the market by introducing new products with a very attractive quality/price ratio. At this point, new alliances with internationally renowned suppliers begun, together with an important certification campaign for the principal products which are tested by important qualified laboratories.


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We do not accept compromises when constructing cables with the FMC brand. Each product, consistent with the characteristics which distinguish it, must meet customer expectations. This is the reason why we produce a vast range of cables with constructive and electrical features which can also greatly differ from each other: In each product specification sheet, downloadable from the website, we declare and certify the specific characteristics of each cable, in order that the installer may always choose the most suitable product for his needs.

High quality raw materials

Raw materials are chosen amongst the most valuable ones, starting from copper whose purity must not be lower than 99.99%; we therefore abhor the use of recycled materials, which would allow us to optimise costs at the expense of quality.


All our products are certified and guaranteed. For over 25 years, our customers have known that they can find safe and reliable products in our product range.

Members of the C.E.I.

The Company has been a member of two of the major technical committees of the Italian Standardisation Body since 2014: the C.E.I. (Italian Electrotechnical Committee).


Certificates and awards

ESG - Environment Social Governance

All our products comply with the European RoHS Directive...

Technology and development

We were among the first to introduce some of the most innovative products and technologies onto the Italian market...


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